Postgame Report: FoJ vs iDemise
by calipt
May 21, 2009 5:07am

Tonight's NGL CA 4vs4 match between FoJ and iDemise started off with qzca1(Asylum). The first rounds began with FoJ taking a quick lead as their LG and RG aim could not be matched by iDemise, despite teaming up very well at the start of each round. Asylum's rather open map design was an advantage for FoJ, who simply outaimed their opponent with hitscan-weapons.  This gave them an early lead on first map. iDemise's teamwork paid off for a few rounds but they simply couldn't keep up.

First map's score: FoJ: 10 - iDemise: 2

iDemise learned from their disadvantage on Asylum and picked qzdm6 (Campgrounds Redux) as the 2nd map. Both teams tried to secure the bridge at the start of each round, which resulted in a massive chaos of LG shafts and rockets. Unlike matchups on Asylum, many rounds on Campgrounds ended in 1v1 situations and iDemise was able to keep up untill the score was 5:4, with FoJ keeping a slight lead.  At this point, iDemise started losing round after round and it seemed like FoJ was on its way to rolling their opponents for the rest of the night.  The score crept to 5-9 in FoJ's favor.  iDemise wasn't ready to give up and refocused their teamwork and weaponsfire.  They were able to fight back and tie the at 9 to 9.  The final round seemed to be chaotic and lacked the teamwork from iDemise that had held off the looming victory for FoJ for the four previous rounds.  While close, iDemise couldn't follow through on their amazing comeback.

Seconds map's score: FoJ: 10 - iDemise: 9

Both teams showed off their skill, especially on the second map which could not have been any closer.  In the end, iDemise's aim was outmatched by FoJ, with the spotlight shining on DaHanG and perfuse who maintained 40+ lg and 50+ rail accuracies, leading FoJ to victory.

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