Silent Gamers: Duel Cup #3
by fear_
May 11, 2010 9:20pm

Despite the Silent Gamers: Duel Cup #3 being postponed a few days until Saturday, May 15th, things are looking to be on the up-and-up. Preliminary matches will begin at 3:00pm EDT that day and is looking forward to some very intense action yet again!

After seeing Loaded's tehnewbz pull off the unthinkable to win Duel Cup #2, the competetion is only going to get harder this time around. Expect to see players from all over the competitive spectrum from the likes of DaHang, id_, sdahaghi, jones, StywoO, kmrey, and possibly even rapha!

The map pool will be: ztn, t4, t7, t9, and dm13

**Brackets are now accessable!!! @ with DaHang coming in as the #1 seed infront of rapha!**

Saturday, May 15th:

Preliminary Matches @ 2:00pm CDT/3:00pm EDT (Coverage by :: :: We may start a few minutes after 3:00pm EDT depending on when Jehar finishes his 2:00pm EDT cast)

Sunday, May 16th:

Semi-Finals and Grand Finals @ TBD (Coverage by :: :: Starting time for Semi-Finals and Finals will be up soon!)


First Place: $250.00

Second Place: $100.00

Third Place: $50.00

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