QuakeNight Tuesday TDM: June 9th
by space
Jun 9, 2009 5:21am




  • Round: 1
  • Tie Breaker: qzdm14

10:30PM EST / 2:30AM GMT: Requiem vs. Canine

Kicking off at 10:30pm EST (3:30am GMT) the first match of the night will feature Requiem vs. Canine - two teams that we have not yet seen in our QuakeLive coverage.  New teams don't always mean new faces though and there is many familiar ones on the rosters of these two teams.  Requiem is lining up with ViRii, izulTheMAGEj, Re3x, Amp, TGM, and Neatchee.  Canine has a solid roster of players who have been playing Quake in it's various forms together for quite some time so they aren't new to the game either and we can expect to see usurper, exodus, meta, burn, and missy in some combination.

12:30AM EST / 4:30AM GMT: Pipe|_ine vs. Death Strikers West

The Western branch of the Death Strikers team should look pretty familiar with senate, soon_, devil, kickass, hoodrych, ventt, w3rd and v1ze rounding out the team from the original roster.  Death Strikers and Pipe|_ine did face off in the quarter finals of the NGL 4v4 CA Tournament in a match that saw ds defeat Pipe|_ine 7-10, 10-6, 10-5, in their eventual 2-1 victory so it will be interesting to see how these teams fare against each other once items are thrown into the mix.

Pipe|_ine also suffered a hard loss to Knightmare ICE! (]km[) 50 - 115 on qzdm14 in the opening round of the NGL 4v4 TDM tournament so if it goes to the tie breaker map Death Strikers West may have the upper hand.

11:30PM EST / 3:30AM GMT: Martyrs vs. Defiance

Martyrs and Defiance line up at 11:30 for what will be the first game in a double header as they face off tonight in TDM and tomorrow night in Clan Arena (not scheduled for QL.TV) so we could bare witness to the start of a rivalry between these two teams tonight.  Like Pipe|_ine, Defiance also struggled with qzdm14 in week one of the NGL TDM 4v4 tourney, dropping the map 62-110 to chaotic-mindz in a 0-2 loss.  As usual though the Defiance roster is a mile long so there is no telling who we will see Tuesday.  Meanwhile from Martyr's we are sure to see a combination of Wormed, carebear, runelor, clean0r and mack in what should be a close round 1 match.

12:00AM EST / 4:00AM GMT: Knightmare FIRE! vs.  iDemise

The fourth and final match of the night looks like it could come down to the wire.  Both of these teams have shown that they are here to compete with solid results so far in the NGL 4v4 TDM and CA tourneys.  iD dominated Overkill Zone in their round 1 NGL CA match 10-5, 10-1, in a 2-0 victory before losing two close matches in a row first to Death Strikers 10-8, 5-10, 9-10, in a 1-2 loss, then to Fires of Judaism 2-10, 9-10 in an 0-2 loss ending their tournament run. Knightmare FIRE! (]km[) also has had some NGL success winning their round 1 match up against eVocation (eV) in the 4v4 TDM tournament 139-151, 136-96, 157-78, in a 2-1 victory.  Both teams have proven successful so far on qzdm6 so if that map lands we are sure to see some fireworks.


Thanks for reading and see you all here Tonight for what is sure to be one of the best nights of QuakeLive action we've brought to you yet.

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Good luck to all teams tonight, should be entertaining!
June 9, 2009

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