QuakeNight Tuesday TDM: June 16th
by space
Jun 15, 2009 8:12pm

  • Round: 2
  • Tie Breaker: The Campgrounds (qzdm6)
  • Standings:

Here's the line-up for Tuesday:

10:30PM EST / 2:30 AM GMT: (4) Canine vs. (5) Defiance

Canine got a victory in week one in what is sure to be their easiest win of the season which saw team Requiem forfeit.  Defiance on the other hand lost their season opener to Martyrs in a very close match in which they lost by 10 or less frags on both maps dropping the match 2-0 (102-107, 77-87).  Xfoo lead the team consistently in week one wracking up a lot of frags but was still only able to come out of the match with a -1 overall - second on the team behind s3anc who ended the night even.  ta1nted and x3tr0v appear to be struggling so far currently sitting at -19 and -13 and will certainly need to step up their game if they expect to beat the experienced Canine squad and pickup their first victory.

11:00PM EST / 3:00AM GMT: (2) Pipe|_ine vs. (3) iDemise

This match looks like it will be a close one.  iDemise has been solid thus far in QuakeLive and their season opener last week with Knightmare FIRE! was no exception.  iDemise were able to pickup the victory without too much trouble 145-103 on qzdm6 and 124-97 on qzdm14 in an eventual 2-0 shut-out.  Whaz and allMental are always dangerous for iDemise but with only one player on one map holding a negative KDR last week iDemise has proven every player on their roster is dangerous.

Pipe|_ine also picked up a victory in week one and may have turned a few heads when they took down Death Strikers West with little trouble 2-0 (156-112, 142-92).  Driver8 and Esteem proved themselves to be very consistent players in the victory going 45/32 and 43/30 on qzdm6 and 45/24 and 42/23 on qzdm7 ending the night +34 and +32 respectively.  Similar to iDemise, Pipe|_ine had only a single player on one map holding a negative KDR the rest going poaitive both rounds.  With both these teams playing so well, and an early season first place advantage on the line, this match is one you won't want to miss.

11:30PM EST / 3:30AM GMT: (1) Martyrs vs. (7) Knightmare FIRE!

Martyrs came out on top after the first round of play winning a hard fought match with Defiance that saw Martyrs edge the Defiance team in the closest match of week one.  Mack_  proved himself to be the Martyrs key player in as he lead his team on both maps ending the night +12 with rnaodm (random) coming in behind him with a +8 on the evening.  Although coming from behind to win on Trinity (qzca2) in the last minute of play showed great determination the Martyr's team seemed unable to really secure any real control on the map raising the question that this map could be a weakness for the team.  The second was pretty similar to the first with Martyr's having weak item control overall but able to deny the enemy quad enough to prevent their oppenets from capitalizing finishing the match (107-102, 77-87).

Knightmare FIRE! dropped their season openner to iDemise in a match that saw them on the wron end of a 0-2 (103-145, 97-124) starting the season with a preformance that no doubt left a bad tast in their mouths.  With no player on the team ending the night with a positive KDR Knightmare FIRE! will have to look at changin their gameplan this Tuesday if they expect to dethrone the Martyrs

12:00AM EST / 4:00AM GMT: (6) Requiem vs. (8) Death Strikers West

 Both of these teams lost their week one matches and are currently sitting at the bottom of the heap with 0-1 records.  Requiem didn't even show up for their game last Tuesday opting to take a forfeit loss in their season opener instead of playing Canine.  Death Strikers West did show up for their week one match against Pipe|_ine but didn't fare any better dropping the match 2-0 (156-112, 142-92) in what many may consider the first upset of the season.  The team certainly had trouble finding their mark on Tuesday as the team struggled with negative KDR's all around.  It would appear that the Death Strikers squad has been struggling when separated into their East and West divisions meanwhile Death Strikers West also struggled with giving up quick successive kills in their week one match, something they will definitely have to work on improving, having allowed 30 excellent awards to be scored against them on the night exposing how poor their aim was as even when working together they were unable to pull down opponents.


Thanks for reading and see you all right here Tuesday!


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